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Stand Out

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Graphic Design. StandOut Graphics. Findlay Ohio. Lima Ohio. Bluffton Ohio.

So you’re thinking about or have already made the decision to professionally create or update your logo, website or various marketing item. That’s great! But who do you choose? Maybe you’ve asked around and heard the same few names of design agencies and have no idea how a freelance graphic designer could be the right choice for you. Well as a freelance artist, I am able to do things that some bigger agencies can’t and won’t do. Since most agencies have contracts with print centers and IT groups, they are constrained to the parameters of those contracts and can have trouble meeting your exact specifications.

Along those same lines, they will likely have you sign a contract stating once they start working on your project, you will be unable to terminate it without fees or penalties. With me there is no blind faith clause. In fact, there are no clauses at all because there is no contract. Once we have talked about what you are looking for, I will get to work on the first draft or model and share it with you at its completion. We will discuss what you like and what you dont and I will fine tune it. Or if you’ve decided to back out for any reason, you are free to do so. Simple as that.

A Personal Touch

Another advantage to freelance designing is attention to all the details. If you provide a rough design of what you want, some agencies will just polish that which you provide without considering what they know about the current marketing climate, your target audience or the economy in general. They do this for many reasons. The most common reason is the designer your project was given to, is already working on a handful of other accounts. Yours is just one more on the pile.

I can provide a focused and personal touch unmatched in the area of marketing and design. I will directly communicate with you on how I believe we can tweak your design to better appeal to your target audience and get them to positively respond to your message. And I will do this faster than any agency. It could take them days to even start on your project. Considering logos, if Im not finished with at least the first rendering in 48 hours after our first consultation, then I’m not fulfilling my own standards.

The Difference Stands Out

Agencies have more experience than I do. That’s the truth. As a broad, encompassing statement, that is the truth. But even if some agencies have been around for awhile, not all their employees have. Depending on the priority they give your project, it could be handled by a recent college graduate who has only been there for a year or so and waited tables while he was a coed.

Here’s another fact: I have been in this profession for over 11 years. Before I even finished my degree in Visual Communication Design, I was earning a living with graphic design in Columbus, OH. The freedom I’ve created for myself in my career lends itself well to timely, straightforward communication with my clients. It also allows me to work at almost any time of the day, anywhere my laptop is. This means “business hours” are
nonexistent and faster turnaround times for you. I have streamlined the design process by removing all the middle men and corporate procedures of agencies. I am the receptionist, the quality control manager, the lead designer and the corporate representative. And I want your business.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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